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Kallet Bio

Michael Kallet, CEO Principal, Author of Think Smarter


In 2004, Mike Kallet leveraged his 30 year career in problem solving, innovation and leadership and started HeadScratchers to train business professionals and leaders in Critical Thinking for Problem Solving, Decision Making and Creativity.

HeadScratchers mission: To help people become better "HeadScratchers". HeadScratchers has created a successful framework and conducts workshops for business professionals to improving their critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills.
Mike says his greatest talent is to "get people to think a little differently about a situation or goal". As a result of this, he found that people improved their problem-solving, decision-making and innovation skills.

Kallet is an expert in the critical thinking field and critical thinking trainer, coach, and authored “Think Smarter - Critical Thinking to Improve Problem-Solving and Decision Making Skills”. (2014)  Published by Wiley, and sold by Amazon, Barnes and Noble and every major book reseller worldwide.

As a former technology and operations executive, he is experienced in leading the creation and delivery of award winning products and services spanning a variety of computer and communications technologies and markets. 

Prior to HeadScratchers, Mike was the Executive Vice President of Operations and Chief Technology Officer at ICG Communications and was responsible for day-to-day operations, the delivery of services, and the development of new products.

Kallet joined ICG in January of 1998 through the Netcom acquisition, one of the largest ISP's at the time. At Netcom, as senior vice president, Kallet was responsible for Network Operations, Marketing and R&D. Under Kallet's leadership, Netcom's NetCompleteTM Product Line (ISP Services) won numerous service awards.

Prior to joining Netcom in 1995, Kallet developed numerous award winning software products. At prior companies, Kallet led development teams that created award winning products that include Harvard Graphics™, Harvard Draw™, and First Graphics™. He also created the award winning products Picture Perfect™ and Diagraph™.

Kallet held positions in systems software groups at IBM in his early career and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.