August 2023     Edition 171
Leverage AI to Enhance Critical Thinking

Next Critical Thinking Open Enrollment   One day workshop in two half days,
June 28/29

Next Critical Thinking Open Enrollment

One day workshop (two half days), September 12/13
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Artificial Intelligence will eliminate

the need for critical thinking because AI will think for us!

Well … maybe someday

, but it will be a long time before AI can use judgement, ethics, emotional intelligence, and all the soft skills that humans use to evaluate situations.


Instead, let

s look at just a few ways AI can enhance our Critical Thinking.


Use AI

  • To quickly process, analyze, and organize massive amounts of data to look for relevance, patterns, correlations, and trends. This makes it easier for people to access the information they need to make informed decisions.

  • To recognize and challenge bias. Yes, even critical thinkers have unconscious bias in their thinking. AI can present diverse viewpoints and situations that might not normally be known or considered.

  • To check for logical reasoning and coherence, validity, and identify fallacies.

  • To simulate situations that can help evaluate hypotheses, evaluate consequences, and outcomes.

  • To provide feedback on the critical thinking that went into a solution.

  • To present different choices, risks, and scenarios that can help with our decision making.

  • To generate scenarios and ideas that can help us think outside the box.

  • To fact check and/or help us understand under what circumstances something is true and when it is not.

  • To create predictive models that generate unforeseen barriers or events that might not normally be considered.


The Takeaway:
Start learning about AI tools you can leverage to improve your performance, accuracy, productivity, and creativity. Learn to use AI tools to challenge or validate your assumptions, bias, and logic. The internet reduced the need to spend hours, days, and years researching information, giving us access to the world’s knowledge base and is a fantastic enabler for productive thought. Similarly, AI won’t eliminate our need to think but is a toolset that can be leveraged to enhance our thinking, making it faster and easier to evaluate multiple scenarios and ultimately help us make better decisions. 


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