January  2013     Edition 87
Combating Entropy in Business

Entropy, from thermodynamics

, is a quantitative measure of the amount of thermal energy not available to do work.
In English - Entropy is a measure of disorder.† Itís a physical law of nature that left untouched, everything will steadily deteriorate.†† Itís why things that are hot will cool.

What does this have to do with business and your job?

†† Well for starters, take Teamwork, or Project Management, or Processes and Procedures, or Organization, or Communication, or Information.†† If these elements of business were left to themselves, with no attention, they will break. Processes will no longer work, information gets lost, projects will meander, and communication will break down.

The key to holding Entropy in check is energy

.† It takes energy to keep things hot.† It takes work for people to communicate.† This work, or effort, is energy.† You have to put energy into your business and job or they will deteriorate.
Why will they deteriorate?†† Because your business and your job are not isolated systems.† The world changes, and as a result, it requires energy to address the changing world.† Without energy, your existing communications, organization, processes, products and teamwork will deteriorate.† Itís a law of nature.

What is this "energy" you need to apply in business?†

† Well, it starts with Thinking.† If you donít Think about how your communications, your processes, your projects need to evolve with a changing world, then they will not.† As a result, entropy (disorder) will take hold, and your business and job performance will decline.† Hot will become cold !

The Takeaway
:† Start 2013 with a simple goal Ö Put some energy (thinking) into fighting disorder and ask just one question;† What has changed in 2012 that, if left unaddressed in 2013, will result in a deterioration of a piece of your business ... or your job?

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