May 2009     Edition 49
Five ideas for Impossible Thinking

Think of a few things that were considered to be impossible

just a few years ago, yet they exist today.  So perhaps the question, “IF something can be done?”, should be replaced with, “WHEN can it be done?”.   In other words, anything is possible, it’s just a matter of when will the “impossible” become “possible”.

Here are five suggestions for “Impossible” Thinking.

1. Assume everything is possible

… EVERYTHING.   Some solutions will take longer than others, some longer than the time you have, but all are possible, and it only takes one achievable solution to solve your problem.

2. The impossible for you might be possible for someone else

, so just because you think it’s impossible, doesn’t mean it is.  Don’t discard an idea, or your ability to solve a problem, just because you initially think it’s impossible.

3.  If you assume anything is possible

, you can start to think of solutions for the impossible.  This thought process often results in a solution that is attainable, thus making the impossible, possible.

4.  Deliberately think of solutions that seem impossible

, but if they were possible, they would solve the problem.  This thinking generates new and very different ideas.  As a result, one often finds a component or piece of an impossible solution that is actually possible and can make a huge contribution to a solution.

5.  Attitude is important.

  If you approach a problem with a bucket full of “impossible”, you’re not going to get far.  Instead, look at the world as a repository of an enormous bucket of possible solutions … all you have to do is find the right one to fit the situation you’re in.  Simple.

The Takeaway.
   Don’t accept IF, but do stimulate conversations about WHEN.  Don’t discard ideas just because they initially appear to be impossible.  Explore possible solutions for the impossible and impossible solutions that, if possible, would address the issue.  This type of thinking will produce all kinds of ideas … helping to make the impossible … possible!

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