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Examples of where Critical Thinking can be applied

Short and long term business strategies
Presenting for agreement and enrollment
Leading people and teams
Performance management
Influencing Leadership
Improved operational efficiency
Change Management
Customer care improvement
Business planning
Improved processes and quality
Difficult conversations
General problem solving and decision making
Crisis management
Strategic Planning
New product ideas and creation
Project management
Revenue generation and cost reduction strategies
Process design

Examples of Headscratchers our clients have used

How do we increase productivity by 25%?
How do I get my direct reports to make more decisions?
How can I improve general problem solving and decision making skills?
What product changes will improve sales and how do we get there?
How to we not only survive, but thrive, in this economic downturn?
Our Products are "me-too", How do we break out with something innovative?
What are the constraints in the business model and how do we remove them?
Is our development process optimal for our product strategy?
How do we improve quality and concurrently improve time to market?
Should we "outsource" or "insource"?
What should our marketing strategy be to better compete?
What is the back-office architecture and strategy to support the business plan?
Why do we spend so much on Communications?
My manager likes my proposal, but why isn't he taking action?
How can we set expectations with senior management when so many parts are moving?
Our project is about to go into the "tank".  What do we do?
We're going to run out of money before we finish the project ... now what?
How do we balance dynamic work streams with limited resources and competing priorities?